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iOS Question

SIP server/provider with PushKit

I develop a SIP app in iOS and I would like to know if anybody have found a sip server that supports PushKit. It might be

  • an existing sip provider

  • an opensource sip server (eg asterisk) with this capability implemented

Answer Source

The SIP server doesn't need to support PushKit, this is something in iOS. There are 2 types of push notifications that the app can recognize and handle differently. Through the Apple developers portal you will need to generate a certificate type of Voip Services. Use this and the token while pushing and in iOS register and lookout for these. This site shows differences between push types: Apples best practices for VoIP:

On your SIP server, you will just need to send a push notification on an incoming call. If you use Asterisk you can use AGI so you can perform the push in whichever language. I've always just use APNS but there's a bunch to choose from like AWS, Urban Airship, Onesignal.

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