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XCode 8 enlarges views into ScrollView in Storyboard

I'm not a fan of XCode's betas; I did want to try the one for XCode 8 though. However, one weird issue I'm having is that once I've opened my 7.3 project, the Storyboard enlarges all of my views into a ScrollView towards the right side--as the screenshot below shows:

enter image description here

I don't use Autolayout, because most of the time I set my views in specific positions.

The contains ScrollView of those 2 controllers is 320, so it doesn't get resized, only the views inside of it.

Do you think the release version of XCode 8 will fix this issue?

Or have you encountered the same problem?


Answer Source

This issue has been fixed on XCode 8.1, finally Apple did something good :)

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