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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Can't start memory profiling using dotMemory

I'm attempting to use JetBrains dotMemory to profile a ASP.NET MVC web app running on IIS10. When I attach to process w3wp.exe and click Run get the following error:

Can't start profiling. Details:

Profiler is unable to attach to the process: Please ensure the process
is not run under another profiler, performance monitoring tool,
mocking tool, or try to reboot the computer.

I do not have any other profilers or tools that would be running that process. Also, tried a reboot. However, nothing works.

Any suggestions?

Answer Source

Maybe dotMemory profiler did not unload it's registration for a process.

Go to dotMemory installation folder (%localappdata%\JetBrains\Installations\dotMemory) and enter the command: CleanUpProfiler.x64.exe /r /t /i and restart IIS.

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