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How do I add additional Text and Spaces in PHP

I am not very good with php I have the following line

$totaltime = $hours . ':' . $minutes;

Where the ':' appears I would like to have a hours I tried
' hours ' and it shows up in the front end fine, but I would also likes to add "minutes" Currently shows as 00 hours 00 I would to add minutes to the last 00

Answer Source

This sounds like what you are looking for:

$totaltime = $hours . ' hours ' . $minutes . ' minutes';

With apologies if you already know the following -

$ indicates variables - there are three variables - $totaltime, $hours and $minutes.

. is the concatenation operator, which adds the strings together.

Every line must end with a semicolon ;.

Strings may be encapsulated with single or double quotes. If you use single quotes, you will get exactly what you see. If you use double quotes, you may embed variables.