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jQuery Question

How to send a value with a function within each function?

I use the jQuery

function to call mouse events on hover:

$('.entry .post-entry a').each(function(){
$(this).on("mouseenter", root.mouseEnter);
$(this).on("mousemove", root.mouseMove);
$(this).on("mouseleave", root.mouseLeave);
$(this).on("click", root.onClick);

This works great, but I need to send the index of the item to these functions. The problem is, when I add the function marks:
at the end of each function, the function will be called after the page load, but I doesn't want this.

I know one method to send a variable to the function using parameters. But to use these, you should make use of the braces, like so:

$('.entry .post-entry a').each(function(index){
var index = index;
$(this).on("mouseenter", root.mouseEnter(index));
$(this).on("mousemove", root.mouseMove(index));
$(this).on("mouseleave", root.mouseLeave(index));
$(this).on("click", root.onClick(index));

How can I send a value without calling the function directly?

Answer Source

Try using bind():

$('.entry .post-entry a').each(function(index){
    var index = index;
    $(this).on("mouseenter", root.mouseEnter.bind(this, index));
    $(this).on("mousemove", root.mouseMove.bind(this, index));
    $(this).on("mouseleave", root.mouseLeave.bind(this, index));
    $(this).on("click", root.onClick.bind(this, index));

With bind() you can bind(duh) a scope for the function(1st parameter) and then the parameters it will receive (2nd and forward param) when executed.

In fact what @RoryMcCrossan said is true: It isn't nice to bind events whitin a loop. The best practice is to bind them with one selection. But, he proposed to use index() inside the event, what can or cannot be a good ideia, depending on the frequency those events will be called. For that you can mix both methods, using bind() and index() togheter, but not repeating them:

$.fn.onWithIndex = function(eventType, callback) {
    $(this).on(eventType, function(e) {
    var $el = $(this),
            index = $"index") ? $"index") : $el.index();

    $"index", index);, index, e);

// Use
$(".posts a").onWithIndex("mouseenter", root.mouseEnter);

This function is a sample of how to do it. If you need those kind of events a lot, it could be a nice way to go. It run a event wrapper where it checks for a save index in the element's data, if not found, then it runs index(). Remeber that this function is a sample and does not work with the selector parameter like original on() does, e.g.: $('...').on("mouseenter", "another-selector", function() { .. }); - that won't works.


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