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PHP Question

Unexpected output while calling octave script from php

I am calling Octave script from PHP and passing parameters to it. But I get the unexpected output.

The PHP code I'm using to pass arguments and call the Octave script is:

$cmd = "C:\Octave\Octave4\bin\octave-cli C:\wamp\www\dspace\add.m $a $b";
$ex = passthru($cmd, $op);

My Octave script:

arglist = argv();
a = arglist{1};
b = arglist{2};

function f (a,b)
a + b


The output get is:

ans = 107

Expected output is:


How can I fix this?


You are adding the ASCII codes for the character "8" which is 56 and "3" which is 51 so the result is 107. Convert the strings to numbers:

arglist = argv();

a = str2num (arglist{1});
b = str2num (arglist{2});

function ret = f (a,b)
  ret = a + b;

printf("%i", f(a,b));