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Create a BitBucket git commit hook?

I just ported over a repo from GitHub to BitBucket. Although it does many of necessities, I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to find documentation for creating a git commit hook.

Originally I had a ruby app on a CentOS server that was triggered by a GitHub hook. Does anyone know how to achieve the same in the BitBucket environment?


Edit: here's what the ruby app simply looks like if it helps:

post '/' do
`rm -rf repofolder`
`git clone`

Answer Source

I was able to find a solution. Although John Percival's answer is right, no current support for Ruby, the notification mechanism works.

The code for the Ruby app is in the question. Notice how it looks for a post via post '/' do. I was able to find support to send a POST to a URL in this neat find here:

Given that info, I was able to create a POST hook in BitBucket via:

  1. Go to repo "admin" tab
  2. Select "services"
  3. Create a POST service to a special port on my URL
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