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SQL Question

Why does convert(datetime,getdate(),101) yields different results while executed in stored procedure and a simple select command?

Don't know why but while running the command

select CONVERT(datetime, getdate(),101)

'2016-10-27 15:53:12.743'
, which is the desired result.

However when the same command is run in a Stored Procedure like

if @CodeFilter2 is not null
select @CodeFilter2=CONVERT(datetime,GETDATE(),101)

'Oct 27 2016 3:55PM'

Please help me understand as to why is this happening.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

You're converting a datetime to a datetime? Are you expecting that the format used in convert sticks around? It's just ignored, since it has no meaning for the conversion you're doing. If you want to convert a datetime to a varchar, you need to use something like convert(varchar(max), getDate(), 101), which will give you the correct output 10/27/2016 - I have no idea why you'd expect either of your samples to be correct; they simply happen to work that way because the default conversion (based on locale and other context, which is very variable) happens to be your desired result (in the first case).

If you need to rely on specific formatting you must use explicit formatting. Or let the application handle it instead of the DB server. The proper format for the ODBC cannonical form (which seems to be the one you desire) is 121. Make sure you're converting to varchar or nvarchar, not datetime.