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jQuery Question

Use Isotope library in a fixed-height container?

I am using Isotope for a project. We bought a commercial license.

I need to get the isotope tiles in a fixed-size container (height is especially critical) to work within a larger layout.

I tried setting css height on the container:

<style type="text/css">
#container {
height: 550px !important;
overflow: scroll;

But this creates a non-scrollable container. What am I missing?

Answer Source

From the documentation:


resizesContainer |  Boolean  |  true

Isotope will set the height (for vertical layout modes) or width (for horizontal layout modes) of the container after layout. If resizesContainer is set to false, be sure to set a size for the container in your CSS, so it doesn’t collapse when Isotope is triggered.

Have you tried setting the resizesContainer: false option on your isotope call?

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