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Suppress the u'prefix indicating unicode' in python strings

Is there a way to globally suppress the unicode string indicator in python? I'm working exclusively with unicode in an application, and do a lot of interactive stuff. Having the u'prefix' show up in all of my debug output is unnecessary and obnoxious. Can it be turned off?

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You could use Python 3.0.. The default string type is unicode, so the u'' prefix is no longer required..

In short, no. You cannot turn this off.

The u comes from the unicode.__repr__ method, which is used to display stuff in REPL:

>>> print repr(unicode('a'))
>>> unicode('a')

If I'm not mistaken, you cannot override this without recompiling Python.

The simplest way around this is to simply print the string..

>>> print unicode('a')

If you use the unicode() builtin to construct all your strings, you could do something like..

>>> class unicode(unicode):
...     def __repr__(self):
...             return __builtins__.unicode.__repr__(self).lstrip("u")
>>> unicode('a')

..but don't do that, it's horrible

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