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HTTP Question

HTTP build query with PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 before PHP 5.4

I thought I would be able to use the easy

to encode some GET parameters from an array, but apparently the
seems to have been added in PHP 5.4. Unfortunately I'm on PHP 5.3.10.

Problem is that I need the parameters encoded with spaces being
and not
. Any good nice quick solutions of encoding the parameters correctly without using

Answer Source

Since the URL is encoded when http_build_query returns, so that + are always and only spaces, you can just chain it with str_replace:

$query = str_replace('+', '%20', http_build_query($arr));

If you don't want to encode the ~ as well:

$query = str_replace(
    array('+', '%7E'), 
    array('%20', '~'), 
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