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SOAP in .NET Core?

How you do SOAP in .NET Core? Are there any equivalents of Apache CXF in .Net Core (not just a simple SOAP client but full featured stack)?

Sorry if this is a very basic question, my search so far doesn't yield any clear answer.

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Microsoft currently does not plan to ship a SOAP server side framework for .NET Core. Neither the WCF ServiceHost nor ASMX are available. Too early to tell, which of the non-Microsoft stacks will jump in and be the dominant player.

With the introduction of ASP.NET Web API and the uprising of REST endpoints, WCF was dead. The WCF client is a interop story, not a forward going story (full story here: http://blog.tonysneed.com/2016/01/06/wcf-is-dead-long-live-mvc-6/)

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