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Node.js Question

'gulp' is not recognized as an internal or external command

I am trying to use Gulp and Node.Js to stream my process for minifying and concatenating CSS/JS files for production.

Here is what I have done.

  1. I installed Node.Js on my Windows 7 machine.

  2. Installed Gulp globally using this command
    npm install -g gulp

  3. Then I added a new User variable called
    set it to

After closing and re-opening my command line, I tried to run a gulp task from the command line (i.e.
gulp css
). But that give me the following error

'gulp' is not recognized as an internal or external command

How can I get this to work?

When I opened the following path using the search bar in windows,
I see the following two folders


enter image description here

I've tried to add
to the
variable on my system variable, but it did not take it because that variable reached it's max allowed charterers limit.

I removed couple of paths from my
variable and added

but still now working.

I even tried to set the path at run time using this command


then run
and still the same issues.

What am I missing here? What else do I need in order to get this to work?

Answer Source

I solved the problem by uninstalling NodeJs and gulp and installing both again.

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