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automatic sizing by screen calculations

I have a picture in the center of my cell, I added a leading and a trailing to center this, it works in a lot of devices but when I try to display this on the iPhone 4 the screen is too small so the length of the leading and trailing are too longs so the picture is compressed and we could not see the image.

enter image description here

So I want to do calculations like leading = screen_width/3 and trailing = screen_width/3 in SWIFT.

It is possible and it is a good solution ? How to do this or here is an better way ?

Answer Source

When there is such requirement that you want to show View A in centre of View B, I recommend the following constraints:

- View A : Equal Width to superview (i.e. View B), with multiplier. (In your case 1/3 = 0.33).
- View B : Equal Height to superview (i.e. View A), with multiplier. (In your case 1/3 = 0.33).
- View A Center Vertically to superview (i.e. View B).
- View A Center Horizontally to superview (i.e. View B).
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