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How to restore vqmod cache in Opencart?

I was trying to a tutorial on google how to disable a vqmod temporarily but something went wrong.

I created a folder inside the vqmod > xml and named it "disabled" then put my files there but when I'm about to put them all back where they're original was. It doesn't change anything, I even re-uploaded my website but it still look the same and I even tried to clear my browser's history but it's still the same.

Do you guys have any ideas what happened or what to do? It's messed up.

Answer Source

Try to following.

  • Go to vqmod > xml and rename the xml's by adding an _ at the end.(Then when you want to enable them back, rename the files back to .xml)
  • also, Remove files from vqmod > vqcache directory.
  • If you’re using any caching extensions. So, Go to your OpenCart dashboard and clear the website cache. Then reload your website.
  • also, if, You are used OpenCart2. So, Go to admin > Extensions > Modifications and click on the blue Refresh button (top right corner) for update the system. & then check it.
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