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How to restore vqmod cache in Opencart?

I was trying to a tutorial on google how to disable a vqmod temporarily but something went wrong.

I created a folder inside the vqmod > xml and named it "disabled" then put my files there but when I'm about to put them all back where they're original was. It doesn't change anything, I even re-uploaded my website but it still look the same and I even tried to clear my browser's history but it's still the same.

Do you guys have any ideas what happened or what to do? It's messed up.


Try to following.

  • Go to vqmod > xml and rename the xml's by adding an _ at the end.(Then when you want to enable them back, rename the files back to .xml)
  • also, Remove files from vqmod > vqcache directory.
  • If you’re using any caching extensions. So, Go to your OpenCart dashboard and clear the website cache. Then reload your website.
  • also, if, You are used OpenCart2. So, Go to admin > Extensions > Modifications and click on the blue Refresh button (top right corner) for update the system. & then check it.