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iOS Question

Beacons: Android / Iphone Bluetooth range

we try to develop a ios and andorid app with beacons.
it only uses the entry and exit event.

now our problem is that the android gets the enter event at ~7meter
and the iphone ~1.5meter.

the beacon settings are TX Power -23dbm, Measured Power -80.

is there a way to adjust the android or iphone to get the same range?

Answer Source

This is a common problem with mobile devices because each model has a different Bluetooth antenna and chip, some of which pick up signals better than others. The problem is particularly noticeable across the wide variety of Android models.

There is no magic fix, but you can do ranging at the same time as monitoring, and trigger your logic only if you get a ranging result with beacon.distance < 1.5. This is not a perfect solution, as Android models can sometimes have inaccurate distance estimates due to the same varying antenna gain characteristics. For select devices. This may be a much better solution.

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