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Swift Question

recovering errors with CKPartialErrorsByItemIDKey

After getting

CKError, I've been trying to recover id's and corresponding errors but I'm having problems...

Right now I'm using:

print("pE \(error.partialErrorsByItemID) or \(error.userInfo[CKPartialErrorsByItemIDKey])")

if let dictionary = error.userInfo[CKPartialErrorsByItemIDKey] as? [NSObject: Error] {

print("partialErrors #\(dictionary.count)") // <-- Not reaching this...

I've also tried the following:

if let dictionary = error.partialErrorsByItemID { // <-- error.pEBIID returns nil


if let dictionary = error.userInfo[CKPartialErrorsByItemIDKey] as? [CKRecord : CKError /* and Error */] { // <-- but neither triggers the if-let

The first print is showing this in the console (I switched the open tags leftward so that they wouldn't be interpreted as html):

pE nil or Optional({
">CKRecordID: 0x7b95ace0; CentralTableView:(_defaultZone:__defaultOwner__)>" = ">CKError 0x7a7e4cf0: \"Server Record Changed\" (14/2004); server message = \"record to insert already exists\"; uuid = B7AD7528-D8AE-4DCB-91FF-16B5271110F5; container ID = \"iCloud.com.yadayadayada\">";

As I understand from the documentation I should be getting a
NSDictionary<CKRecordID, (CK)Error>
back from
dictionary with
and a
NSDictionary<NSObject, Error>
from the
method. Based on the first print, the method isn't working in this situation but key is giving me a dictionary of CKRecordID and CKError. I don't see why the second print isn't getting reached?

Answer Source

According to the documentation, you get back an NSDictionary, not a Swift dictionary.


if let dictionary = error.userInfo[CKPartialErrorsByItemIDKey] as? NSDictionary {
    print("partialErrors #\(dictionary.count)")
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