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Import Android Studio project from another PC with different Gradle versions?

I have an Android studio project that wrote in Android Studio version 1.3.2. Now in another PC with Android Studio 2.1.2 I want to import or open that project to it. But when I try, and while opening, error occurred with my Gradle version and want from me to download necessary Gradle version.

But for my reasons, I don't want to download new data with Android studio. how can I manually transfer old PC Gradle to new one? or is there simpler way to resolve that?

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first thanks for your answers. but I finally find the solution to solve this issue without download anything and just with a few changes in versions and files.

1- Open project folder then /gradle/wrapper/gradle-wraper file.
2- In this txt file, change distributionUrl value to: https\://
3- Back to Android Studio.In your project's build.gradle file, change classpath to
4- In your app's build.gradle file, change buildToolsVersion to "23.0.3"

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