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Javascript Question

Replace selected text from input fields on button click

I simply try to replace the selected text from an input field e.g from a textarea, with another text.
E.g. if i select a part of the text inside the input field and click the Button

, then the selected text should be wrapped in

I found this "solution" from 2009 which seems to be outdated, I tried it with Chrome and Firefox and I get the info that my browser is not supported.

Is there another way to achieve this? It should work at least with Firefox and Chrome.


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Answer Source

Try this:

function getSel() // javascript

    // obtain the object reference for the textarea>
    var txtarea = document.getElementById("mytextarea");
    // obtain the index of the first selected character
    var start = txtarea.selectionStart;
    // obtain the index of the last selected character
    var finish = txtarea.selectionEnd;
    //obtain all Text
    var allText = txtarea.value;

    // obtain the selected text
    var sel = allText.substring(start, finish);
    //append te text;
    var newText=allText.substring(0, start)+"<center>"+sel+"</center>"+allText.substring(finish, allText.length);




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