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Ajax Question

HTML block inside ajax

I have this ajax code:

$('#ShowMore').click(function () {
url: "/Course/GetCoursesJson",
dataType: "json",
type: "GET",
beforeSend: function () { $('#ShowMore').find('i').show(); },
success: function (data) {
**var result = "";**
$.each(data, function (key, value) {
**result = "<div class='col-md-4'>" +
"<div class='panel panel-default medisce-panel'>" +
"<div class='progress-container'>" +
"<div class='progress'>" +
"<div class='progress-bar progress-bar-custom' role='progressbar' aria-valuenow='100' aria-valuemin='0' aria-valuemax='100' style='width:" +value.Complete+"%;'>" +
"<span>" + value.Chapter + "</span>" +
"</div>" +
"</div>" +
"<div class='badge pull-right'>" + value.Complete + "%</div>" +
"</div>" +
"<h2 class='custom-title-color text-bold'>" + value.Title + "</h2>" +
"<img src='' alt='"+value.Chapter+"' class='img-responsive margin-20-bottom center-block' />" +
"<button type='submit' class='btn btn-primary btn-custom'>Continue</button>" +
"</div>" +
.done(function () {

My question is: I want to simplified html code inside result, Can i sent Json data object to external html page or template and than render this html inside my ajax function??? I use mvc and mvvm.

Answer Source

You can update your action method to return view result instead of json. Have a partial view and from your action method, pass a list of items to the partial view and loop through them and render the same markup you have in your ajax call success event.

public ActionResult GetCourses()
  List<SomeCourseViewModel> listOfCourse = GetCourseListFromSomeWhere();
  return PartialView("CourseList",listOfCourse);

Assuming you have a view model called SomeCourseViewModel which is a data structure to represent the data for Course.

Now in your partial view (CourseList.cshtml) which is strongly typed to a list of your view model, loop through and render the data

@model List<SomeCourseViewModel>
@foreach(var item in Model)
  <div class='col-md-4'>
     <div>@item.Complete %</div>

I just added simple markup. You may replace it with the markup you want.

Now your ajax call's success event can be simple and clean as this

        url: "/Course/GetCourses",      
        type: "GET",      
        success: function (result) {
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