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Java Question

RNTN implementation in java

I want to implement a Recursive neural tensor network(RNTN) in java.

I've used Deeplearning4j for word2vec pipeline to vectorize a corpus of words.

for NLP pipeline I've used Opennlp.( for tokenizing, POStaging and parsing)

Now, I figured out that I need an RNTN for my purpose and I didn't find much support, any references would be helpful. Many libraries are written in R or python or even in Scala and the NLP pipeline most of the people used is stanfordnlp. But I want to do this with Opennlp and java.

After that, I would like to combine the word vectors with neural net and then do the task I want to do something like sentiment analysis.

How can I proceed? Any input will be helpful.


Answer Source

I found java a bit intimidating for this task, as the amount of time it is taking to develop a java library is a lot compared to python. I've used Tensorflow to achieve what I wanted. I would suggest using tensorflow is a fast process to get good results.

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