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How to Modify the StrongLoop's LoopBack Explorer CSS

We're using Strongloop's LoopBack for our REST APIs and would like to modify the CSS for the LoopBack Explorer. However, it's not clear which CSS files are being used (LoopBack vs Swagger) and where they're located. I was not able to find specific documentation for this.

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You can provide your own version of Swagger UI files via options.uiDirs.

  1. Edit your server/server.js and add this config option to the explorer:

    app.use(explorer(app, { uiDirs: path.resolve(__dirname, 'explorer') }));
  2. Copy the directory node_modules/loopback-explorer/public/css to server/explorer/css

  3. Customize the copied CSS files as you need.

You should lock loopback-explorer's major & minor version in your package.json. Newer versions of loopback-explorer may change the CSS in which case your customization may stop working.

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