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Swift Question

Swift 3: how to check if cookies for particular URL are configured?

I'm building an app for an API with cookie-based validation, and am having several issues with it.

My current problem is a function to check if autologin cookie is configured for the domain, but I can't get my head around setting it up properly.

My current attempt is:

func cookiesConfigured() -> Bool {
let cookieStorage = HTTPCookieStorage.shared.dictionaryWithValues(forKeys: ["AutologinCookie"])
if !cookieStorage.isEmpty {
return true
} else {
return false
return false // <- will never be executed

What would be the right way to check the cookie storage's contents for a particular cookie?

Answer Source

As you might have realized, dictionaryWithValues is an NSObject-method and doesn't do what you think it does.

What you need is to chain cookiesFor, filter and isEmpty.

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