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jQuery Question

jQuery - Added Input will not allow me to add text

After I create an input it will not allow me to add text. I am working on a project that allows the user to edit their text by clicking on the added text to make a changes.


var $input = $("#change");
var $btn = $("#add");
var $btne = $("#edit");
var $content = $("#content");

$btn.click( function(){

var typedInfo = document.getElementById("change").value;
var item = $('<li></li>');

$content.on("click","li", function(){

item.click( function(){
item.text(" ");
var typeNew = $('<input type="text" id="newInput" value = "edit">')
$btne.click( function(){
var editedInput = document.getElementById("newInput").value;


Answer Source

item.click are in loop, always you click in item a new input is created. You can check for only one click with JQuery:

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