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Perl Question

Padre giving an error message about a line that doesn't exist

I have this program that runs OK on Windows with "perl" in the command prompt or "perl file1.txt file2.txt".

use strict;
use warnings;

print "there were ",scalar(@ARGV), " arguments passed to this program\n";
if ( scalar(@ARGV) > 1 )
print "First Argument: $ARGV[0]\n";
print "Second Argument: $ARGV[1]\n";

sub process_file($)
my $filename = shift;
print "will process file $filename\n";
#open(INPUT_FILE,"<$filename") || die("could not open $filename");

Even after exiting and coming back into Padre, I get this dialog box when I go to run it (it will still run OK if I click the Yes button):

Warning X Line 31: Using a | char in open without a | at the beginning
or end is usually a typo. Do you want to continue?

[YES] [NO]

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I use or instead of || with open. As an aside, I have always been told that the three argument form of open is what should be used. I do know that Perl doesn't always reference the line that has the problem. Of course I am taking for granted that the commented out line is the line in question and you commented it out as a test?