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jQuery Question

jQuery CSS Style a parent div when child is focused

I have a script like this: (but it's not working)

$('div#selectbox select:focus').parent().css('box-shadow','0 0 4px 1px #5099E2');

When the user focuses on a
that's parent is
I want to change the
of the
any suggestions?

Here is a jsFiddle of what I'm doing... http://jsfiddle.net/2BydK/

Answer Source

It seems like the code will do a good job of finding a focussed select element, but there is nothing to trigger it. Perhaps try this:

$('div#selectbox select').focus(function(){
    $(this).parent().css('box-shadow','0 0 4px 1px #5099E2');

$('div#selectbox select').blur(function(){

If you wanted to add an check in there, you could always put in a if($(this).is(":focus")){} just to be sure. Hope that helps...

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