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Plotting two variables using ggplot2 - same x axis

I have two graphs with the same x axis - the range of x is 0-5 in both of them.
I would like to combine both of them to one graph and I didn't find a previous example.
Here is what I got:

c <- ggplot(survey, aes(often_post,often_privacy)) + stat_smooth(method="loess")
c <- ggplot(survey, aes(frequent_read,often_privacy)) + stat_smooth(method="loess")

How can I combine them?
The y axis is "often privacy" and in each graph the x axis is "often post" or "frequent read".
I thought I can combine them easily (somehow) because the range is 0-5 in both of them.

Many thanks!

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You can use + to combine other plots on the same ggplot object. For example, to plot points and smoothed lines for both pairs of columns:

ggplot(survey, aes(often_post,often_privacy)) + 
geom_point() +
geom_smooth() + 
geom_point(aes(frequent_read,often_privacy)) +