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PHP Question

How to send and receive array data from Visual Basic to PHP?

I have a vb.net application where I am sending error string to a php page to process it.

Look at this:
How to send and recieve data from Visual Basic to PHP?

But now, I want to send and receive array data from Visual Basic to PHP.

Well, if the

is like this array:

Dim errorString As String = new String(2) {}
errorString(0) = "Hello"
errorString(1) = "World!" ,

how can I send this

Anyone help me!

Answer Source

Assuming you're folllowing the example in the link you gave above, this should work:

Dim errorString = "errorString[0]=Hello&errorString[1]=World"


Dim byteArray As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(errorString)

Obviously if you want to do this programatically, where you don't know the contents of the array in advance, then you might have to do a loop through the array to build up the string one field at a time.

On the PHP side, you should then be able to do (for example):

foreach ($_POST['errorString'] as $key => $value) {
echo $value . "<br />";

This will allow you to access all the fields in the errorString array.

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