Raju G Raju G - 5 months ago 42
Node.js Question

why /public folder for static content in node.js

In node.js with express all the static content is placed in /public folder. Can someone help me understand why do we need to place it particularly in public folder? What if I want to create a folder called 'static' with in 'views' folder and keep all images, styles and script files in it. Because I want keep all thing related to views under one folder. If it is not good way of structuring project please help me in understanding reasons behind it.

Answer Source

You can put your content in any folder you want on the server. All that matters is how you set up your Express routes to serve that public content. You can name the local server folder /public or /static or whatever you want and you can put it anywhere in your folder hierarchy that you want too (like in some project directory). You will just need to set the path in your express.static() middleware to match where you put the content on your server so express knows where to look for it to match a given incoming request.

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