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Android Question

`getLeft()` returns zero in `onWindowFocusChanged()`

I have a separate class

which extends
. This object is programatically added to the container view and then position initialisation method is called in
- this method sets correct margins and layout parameters and turns visibility on. Then I try to get Answer's initial X position by calling
. No matter if this is called from within Answers class
or from main activity
it still returns zero.

Why is that?

If I add Image view via XML and call 'getLeft()' in
it returns correct value.

Answer Source

getLeft() will return you the actual value only after layout step will complete and onLayout of your Answer will be called. So, to record the initial position of your view it's better to do so in onLayout.

Now speaking of onWindowFocusChanged() - documentation makes no promises on whether this method will be called before onLayout or after, so it is not the best place to record the initial position of your view.

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