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How to ensure that Autofac is calling Dispose() on EF6 DbContext


Found this little gem which helped me with DbContext
Josh Kodroff - Making Entity Framework More Unit-Testable


After doing a lot of research I finally decided to implement IOC using Autofac in my MVC5 EF6 project. Autofac's documentation has been helpful, but I'm still not sure about whether or not I need to call Dispose() either in my Controller or Service Class?

I'm not using an abstracted UOW and Generic Repository, but just relying on DbContext and DbSet<> provided in EF6. Here's a snippet of my classes.

My DbContext

public class ProductContext : DbContext
public ProductContext() : base("ProductContext")

public DbSet<Availability> Availability { get; set; }
public DbSet<Category> Categories { get; set; }

My Service Class

public class ProductService : IProductService
private ProductContext _db;
public ProductService(ProductContext db)
_db = db;

public List<Product> GetProductsByCategory(string cleanCategory)
return _db.Products
.Include(p => p.Options.Select(o => o.OptionGroup))
.Include(p => p.Associations.Select(a => a.AssociatedGroup))
.Include(p => p.Variations).Include(p => p.Manufacturer)
.Where(p => p.Active && p.Category.Name.ToUpper().Equals(cleanCategory)).ToList();

My Service Interface

public interface IProductService
List<Product> GetProductsByCategory(string cleanCategory);

My Contoller

public class ProductsController : Controller
private IProductService _productService;
public ProductsController(IProductService productService)
_productService = productService;

//GET: Products/
public ActionResult Index(string category)
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(category))
return HttpNotFound();

string cleanCategory = urlScrubber(category);
var viewModel = new ProductsVM();
viewModel.ProductList = _productService.GetProductsByCategory(cleanCategory);

My Autofac Container

var builder = new ContainerBuilder();

// Register your MVC controllers.


// Set the dependency resolver to be Autofac.
var container = builder.Build();
DependencyResolver.SetResolver(new AutofacDependencyResolver(container));

I have removed Dispose() from the controller with the understanding that Autofac would handle the disposal of contexts that inherit from IDisposable. Since ProductContext inherits from DbContext which includes a Dispose() Method, this should work.

Do I need to include something like


or will my current container work as expected calling Dispose?


Thanks for any help, I'm having a hard time locating documentation using Autofac without a generic repository and UOW on top of DbContext similar to my current pattern.

Answer Source

As per the doucmentation,

Autofac integration libraries standard unit-of-work lifetime scopes will be created and disposed for you automatically. Autofac’s ASP.NET MVC integration, a lifetime scope will be created for you at the beginning of a web request and all components will generally be resolved from there. At the end of the web request, the scope will automatically be disposed - no additional scope creation is required on your part.

So I think if your class implments IDisposable then Dispose() would be automatically called for such objects. So simply,


Would do the Disposal via object life scope management.

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