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How to properly match varargs in Mockito

I've been trying to get to mock a method with vararg parameters using Mockito:

interface A {
B b(int x, int y, C... c);

A a = mock(A.class);
B b = mock(B.class);

when(a.b(anyInt(), anyInt(), any(C[].class))).thenReturn(b);
assertEquals(b, a.b(1, 2));

This doesn't work, however if I do this instead:

when(a.b(anyInt(), anyInt())).thenReturn(b);
assertEquals(b, a.b(1, 2));

This works, despite that I have completely omitted the varargs argument when stubbing the method.

Any clues?

Answer Source

Mockito 1.8.1 introduced anyVararg() matcher:

when(a.b(anyInt(), anyInt(), Matchers.<String>anyVararg())).thenReturn(b);

Also see history for this: http://code.google.com/p/mockito/issues/detail?id=62

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