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Storing Credentials for Offline Access in Datastore

I am using the

to query various Google API's. I have to store the credentials so I can access the user's data offline (in a cron job). I have the following Credentials class Set up:

class CredentialsModel(db.Model):
credentials = CredentialsProperty()

I try to store the credentials in the Datastore as follows:

if decorator.has_credentials():
storage = StorageByKeyName(CredentialsModel, user.user_id(),'credentials')
credentials = decorator.get_credentials()

I receive the following error:

AttributeError: 'OAuth2DecoratorFromClientSecrets' object has no attribute 'get_credentials'

When I looked at the documentation it looks like the decorator should have get_credentials().

I am going about this correct way?

Answer Source

Example of usage:

Trigger flow example:

flow = OAuth2WebServerFlow(

            access_type = 'offline',
# Get the url now
authorize_url = flow.step1_get_authorize_url()
# Save flow object in memcache for later retrieval on OAuth callback,
# and redirect this session to Google's OAuth 2.0 authorization site.'saving flow for user ' + user.user_id())
memcache.set(user.user_id(), pickle.dumps(flow))
# redirect directly
self.redirect(authorize_url, abort=True)



user = users.get_current_user()'retrieving flow for user ' + user.user_id())
flow = pickle.loads(memcache.get(user.user_id()))

credentials = flow.step2_exchange(self.request.params)
StorageByKeyName(CredentialsModel, user.user_id(), 'credentials').locked_put(credentials)


# here is how you can get them
credentials = StorageByKeyName(CredentialsModel, user.user_id(),'credentials').locked_get()