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Java Question

EventBus: Registering without any @Subscribe annotated method

I have a

class which registers/unregisters itself to
, and several child classes that inherit from it (
...). The base class doesn't have any methods annoted with
, and
neither, but I want it to register anyway in case I add some in the future.

If I register an object that doesn't have any
annotated method, I except nothing to happen, like when using SquareUp's Otto, but EventBus throws an exception :

org.greenrobot.eventbus.EventBusException: Subscriber class com.company.app.FragmentA and its super classes have no public methods with the @Subscribe annotation

Why throw an exception ? I mean, it doesn't prevent the app to run.

Is the only solution to wrap the
calls in
into an ugly
try ... catch
or is there a cleaner workaround?

Answer Source

If you want your child fragments to be able to have no @Subscribe method without any exception to be thrown, just put an empty subscriber in the base class :

public void dummyEvent(SomeClassThatWillNeverBePosted event) {}
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