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Python Question

How to sort rows of a matrix by decreasing values of the first column in Python and numpy?

I have a matrix with

N = 250000
rows and
M = 10
I want to sort the matrix for decreasing values of the first column,
so I write:




But the
does not work. In fact, once printing the values after sorting, I find the same input matrix.
Anyone knows how to resolve this problem?
Thank you very much

Answer Source

This will sort a matrix for decreasing values of the first column

import numpy as np

# Generate a matrix of data
matrix = np.random.rand(5,4)

# Find the ordering of the first column (in increasing order)
ind = np.argsort(matrix[:,0])

# Switch the ordering (so it's decreasing order)
rind = ind[::-1]

# Return the matrix with rows in the specified order
matrix = matrix[rind]
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