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Objective-C Question

Presenting UIViewController with clear background

I'm writing iOS FFI methods for Kony application. In that, I'm presenting a viewcontroller with clear backgroundcolor. But, it's showing a white background view. I'm not using storyboars, I'm designing views in code only. In the newviewcontroller viewdidload, I set the self.view background color to clearcolor.

Here's what I have tried,

NewViewController *newVC = [[NewViewController alloc]init];
newVC.providesPresentationContextTransitionStyle = YES;
newVC.definesPresentationContext = YES;
self.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationCurrentContext;
[KonyUIContext onCurrentFormControllerPresentModalViewController:newVC animated:YES];

I'm new to KonyUIContext, how can I fix this?

Can anyone help me on this?

Answer Source

Try this code... It works perfectly for me....

MyViewController *modalViewController = [[MyViewController alloc] init];
modalViewController.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationOverCurrentContext;           
[KonyUIContext presentViewController:modalViewController animated:YES completion:nil];
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