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NotifyIcon.BalloonTipClicked event and mouse buttons

I've got a NotifyIcon that signals downloadable application updates. I want the download page to open on a Left Click on the NotifyIcon and on a Left Click on the NotifyIcon balloon (on screen for 10 seconds).

However, when I handle the BalloonTipClicked event I can't figure out if it was a Left or a Right click. Thus, while the balloon is still on screen and the user Right clicks on the icon, I get both the popup menu and the download page opening.

How do I detect the Right mouse button was used?

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You could try testing the mouse state with code like this:

    private void notifyIcon1_BalloonTipClicked(object sender, EventArgs e) {
        if ((Control.MouseButtons & MouseButtons.Right) == MouseButtons.Right)
            MessageBox.Show("Right button clicked");

I cannot test it on my machine with Win7, right-clicking the balloon just dismisses it and displays the context menu of the taskbar. Which is your ultimate nemesis I'd say.

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