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How to delete system property in glassfish

I have created a system property using this command:

asadmin create-system-properties --target test-backend-inst-config warning.enable.for.Institution.value=false

I want to delete this system property so when i try to use this command:

asadmin delete-system-properties warning.enable.for.Institution.value

getting following message on console:

Command delete-system-properties not found.
Check the entry of command name. This command may be provided by a package that is not installed.
Closest matching local and remote command(s):

seems to be that delete command not present in asadmin in glassfish Is there any other way to delete this system property in glassfish ?

Answer Source

The command is delete-system-property, not delete-system-properties:

Use the delete-system-property subcommand in remote mode to delete system properties.

Ensure that the server is running. Remote subcommands require a running server.

List the existing system properties by using the list-system-properties(1) subcommand. Delete the system property by using the delete-system-property(1) subcommand. If necessary, notify users that the system property has been deleted.

Example 2-12 Deleting a System Property

This example deletes a system property named http-listener-port from localhost.

asadmin> delete-system-property http-listener-port Command
delete-system-property executed successfully.

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