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Unicode output in ipython notebook

I have to work with Unicode (cyrillic) characters in IPython Notebook. Are there any way to output strings in Unicode, not their unicode or utf8 codes? I'd like to have

as output in the last two examples below.

In [62]: "АБВ"

Out[62]: '\xd0\x90\xd0\x91\xd0\x92'

In [63]: u"АБВ"

Out[63]: u'\u0410\u0411\u0412'

In [64]: print "АБВ"


In [65]: print u"АБВ"


In [66]: print ["АБ","ВГ"]

['\xd0\x90\xd0\x91', '\xd0\x92\xd0\x93']

In [67]: print [u"АБ",u"ВГ"]

[u'\u0410\u0411', u'\u0412\u0413']


You have to switch to Python 3 and get nice repr's of Unicode strings.