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PHP float/double stored as MySQL DECIMAL

i ran into a really strange problem with storing values in MySQL. The premise:

I have a table that uses

to store monetary values (like the total of order), but when i try to insert for example:


this is stored as


I tried MySQL's FORMAT/CAST functions but still the same output.

This is how the query gets generated:

$db->query("INSERT INTO `random_table_name` SET currency_value = '" . floatval($value) . "'");

i also tried
, but same result. The funny thing is though that this same piece of code was working fine a couple of weeks ago and i can't recall any changes to the db structure or the db class that can cause this.

Answer Source

Use number_format to replace the , with .

Like this:

number_format($value, 8, '.') // 8 = number of decimals, . = decimal separator

However, your problem seems to be related to the current locale. You need to look into the following: setlocale() and localeconv

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US'); // NOT TESTED, read up on the appropriate syntax

This is the appropriate way of doing this, the alternative would be (as suggested below), to do a str_replace(',', '.'), but you have to do the reverse every time you want to output strings.

There is another option though, you can set the MySQL locale to en_US.

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