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How fetch the array from return of query method of a resource in AngularJS?

I have read the angularjs tutorial and now I am tryin to use in symfony application.
I've implemented a rest client resource. The response json object has a

property which is an array. It is fetched.

var sportServices = angular.module('sportServices', ['ngResource']);

sportServices.factory('sportClient', ['$resource',
return $resource('rest/sport/events.json', {}, {
query: {
transformResponse: function (data) {return angular.fromJson(data).sportEvents},
isArray: true // The sportEvents property is an array.

And my controller:

var sportControllers = angular.module('sportControllers', []);

sportControllers.controller('SportEventListCtrl', ['$scope', 'sportClient',
function($scope, sportClient) {
$scope.sportEvents = sportClient.query();

this is not an array, I cannot iterate it. And that's my question how can I achieve that the sportClient.query() returns with an array? because I have to group the elements and for this I need to iterate over the elements.

So a sample response:

{"sportEvents": [{id: 2234, number: 43545, name:"random"}, {id: 2235, number: 43546, name:"random"}]}

But this is the funny part:
console.log( BetClient.query() );
in the controller the command gives the following result in the console:

[$promise: Object, $resolved: false]

And yes, in this object I see the entries, but I would like to transform it to an array somehow :)

Answer Source

There isn't anything "major" wrong with your code but in case you receive $promise, then resolve it first instead of assigning it directly to $scope.sportEvents.

With asynchronous calls, like $http, you'll receive a promise that yes, something will be returned. When operation finishes, you can either resolve the promise for data or in case of error, reject it.

So this service

app.factory('JsonResource', function($resource) {
  return $resource('events.json', {}, {
    query: {
      method: 'GET',
      transformResponse: function(data) {
        return angular.fromJson(data).events;
      isArray: true

And usage

app.controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, JsonResource) {
  // No direct assignment here, resolve first, then assign
  JsonResource.query().$promise.then(function(data) {
    $ = data;

Should work just fine with your JSON format.

  "id": 1,
  "events": [{
    "id": 2234, 
    "number": 43545, 
    "name": "random"
    "id": 2235, 
    "number": 43546, 
    "name": "random"

See related Plunker here

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