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Jersey 'NoContent' response returns 200 instead of 204

I am using Jersey (1.18) to build a REST API for my WebApplication. In a part of my code I have the following snippet.

return Response.status(Status.NO_CONTENT).entity(err_message).build();

is an instance of

According to Jersey Documentation
should return a 204 code, instead of this, the http response has a header with 200 code.


public static final ClientResponse.Status NO_CONTENT

204 No Content, see HTTP/1.1 documentation.

I tried to change the aforementioned code to

return Response.noContent().entity(err_message).build();

But the issue still exists.
As a side note, using
instead of
, return a 404 header as expected.

Any suggestion on 'How can I return 204 code?', is this a bug or I am doing something wrong.

Note: Not a duplicate of Returning 200 response code instead of 204

Answer Source

See this SO answer which says,

...204 means "No Content", meaning that the response contains no entity, but you put one in it. It's likely that Jersey is switching it to a 200 for you, which is basically identical to a 204 except that it contains a response entity.

Finally, you can get 204 responses very simply by a couple of built-in behaviors: void methods and null return values both map to a 204 response. Otherwise, simply return Response.status(204).build().

In other words, if you want "NO_CONTENT" then don't include content in your response.

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