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What's the difference between setAccessibilityLabel and accessibilityIdentifier in ios?

I've been going through our code base and setting the accessibilityIdentifier property on all of our buttons and text fields so that I can access them using UIAutomation. While doing this, I came across some code that was already in place.

[_goodButton setAccessibilityLabel:@"off"];

I can't find any documentation on what the differences are between these two methods. It looks like they do the same thing. Does anyone know? I find it peculiar that this label is set to "off" as well.

Answer Source

Instead of using accessibilityLabel (see below) you should use accessibilityIdentifier.

This github issue explains the difference:

Given that accessibilityLabel is an outwardly-facing string that is actually used by accessibility screen readers (and should be localized to the device user's language), Apple now provides an alternate property (iOS 5+) that is specifically intended for UI Automation purposes

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