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Compare two List<T> objects for equality, ignoring order

Yet another list-comparing question.

List<MyType> list1;
List<MyType> list2;

I need to check that they both have the same elements, regardless of their position within the list. Each MyType object may appear multiple times on a list. Is there a built-in function that checks this? What if I guarantee that each element appears only once in a list?

EDIT: Guys thanks for the answers but I forgot to add something, the number of occurrences of each element should be the same on both lists.

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If you want them to be really equal (i.e. the same items and the same number of each item), I think that the simplest solution is to sort before comparing:

Enumerable.SequenceEqual(list1.OrderBy(t => t), list2.OrderBy(t => t))


Here is a solution that performs a bit better (about ten times faster), and only requires IEquatable, not IComparable:

public static bool ScrambledEquals<T>(IEnumerable<T> list1, IEnumerable<T> list2) {
  var cnt = new Dictionary<T, int>();
  foreach (T s in list1) {
    if (cnt.ContainsKey(s)) {
    } else {
      cnt.Add(s, 1);
  foreach (T s in list2) {
    if (cnt.ContainsKey(s)) {
    } else {
      return false;
  return cnt.Values.All(c => c == 0);

Edit 2:

To handle any data type as key (for example nullable types as Frank Tzanabetis pointed out), you can make a version that takes a comparer for the dictionary:

public static bool ScrambledEquals<T>(IEnumerable<T> list1, IEnumerable<T> list2, IEqualityComparer<T> comparer) {
  var cnt = new Dictionary<T, int>(comparer);