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Android Studio - Virtual device launch fails

You might have seen a hundred questions already by the same title so let me just tell you why mine is different:

Here's the error:

emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!

Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.

CPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module is not installed!

  • I've already installed HAXM installer from the sdk manager

  • When I actually go to install HAXM, it says that my computer doesn't support virtualization

  • True that. I have Intel Pentium E2180

  • My hyper -v is already disabled

  • My BIOS doesn't have an "enable virtualization" option (which is obvious because my processor doesn't support it)

Since all the solutions on stack overflow revolve around the above mentioned points I decided to post this quesiton as all the mentioned solutions didn't work, which I think is precisely because of me not having a supported processor, which brings me to my question:

Can I still somehow run a virtual device to test my apps? I have a Nexus 7 tab, but I still think testing on a virtual device is more convenient and also I can test more devices if they're virtual..

P.S. I'm running Windows 10 (technical preview) Build 9926.

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In this case you can download and use ARM images that do not need hardware virtualization instead of using x86 system images. Need to tell you that ARM images will be very slow compared to x86 images.

You can download ARM image of respective APIs by selecting this option.

ARM Image Download

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