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iOS Question

iOS App name for iTunes and name which will be displayed on the device

I have a very short question. Should them match or not?

If I have name in iTunes for example:

Notes+ - the best and professional way to display and manage your notes

Should I display the same on the device? Or It can be only:


I see a lot of apps which uses a short name on the device but long on iTunes. But I guess few months ago one of my apps was rejected with reason that names do not match. After that, I always put the same name on the device and iTunes.

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Can be different, and most often it is, for instance, the name on the AppStore is searchable so your app can be found by searching for "manage your notes".
The app "Fooducate" shows on your iPhone as "Fooducate" and in the AppStore it is "Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate - Personalized Calorie Counter, Food Tracker, Motivation, and Healthy Recipes"

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