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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to display text received from a web api in angular 2

I have an Asp.Net Core web api method that returns a string.

public string GetString()
return "String from <b> Web </b> API";

The URL works fine in a browser, however, when I run it from an angular 2 app

this.result = this.http.get(this._stringUrl1).forEach((response) => response.text);

I get the following error message:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://localhost:49596/Content/GetString. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost:3000' is therefore not allowed access.

I get the same response if I call a web api method that returns an HttpResponseMessage.

public HttpResponseMessage GetString2()
var response = new HttpResponseMessage();
response.Content = new StringContent("HttpResponseMessage from Web API 2", Encoding.UTF8, "Text/txt");
return response;


This is my first Angular app so I am not sure if my angular2 code is correct or not. Any help is appreciated.

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Answer Source

in asp.net web api (4.5), i found out that you have to add the permission in two places: 1) at startup (webapiconfig.cs)

var cors = new EnableCorsAttribute(
                origins: "*",
                headers: "*",
                methods: "*");

2) at the controller level (pocoController.cs)

namespace BiGPOCO.API.Controllers
    [EnableCors(origins: "http://localhost:3000", headers: "*", methods: "*")]
    public class PocoController : ApiController
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