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Migrate iOS app group to another developer account

I recently changed my developer account from company to individual. I have successfully transferred my applications, apart from the application groups.

I cannot see anyway of transferring the existing app groups and my thoughts are that if I create a new app group, existing users will:

  • Not be able to upgrade

  • If they were able to upgrade, their existing data would be lost

None of these situations look good unfortunately.

Therefore in terms of TL;DR:

  • How can I transfer app groups between developer accounts?


Answer Source

So I just spoke with Apple on the phone - they were awesome at helping and we found a solution.

Let's assume account A is the old account and B is the new account that you want to transfer the app group to.

Simply delete the app group from account A and recreate it in account B with the exact same identifier. Problem solved :D Thank you Apple!

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