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Javascript Question

javascript selectors

How does one select DOM elements in javascript?

Like for example:

<div class="des">
<div class="desleft">
<p>Lorem Ipsum.</p>
<div class="Right">

Now how do i select
? This is just a part of a bigger Page, so cannot use
, since others might get selected. Also since there might be other
's in the document later, i cannot attach the index(body's) to above.

Is there a simple way to select, say
tag which is under the classname of
I cannot use jQuery or any other libraries.

Answer Source

Would be a function that you can start with, and then you can filter for the DOMElements that have the class.

var h1_array = document.getElementsByTag('h1');

var h1_class_array = [];
for (var i=0, len=h1_array.length; i < len; i++) {
    if (h1_array[i].className.indexOf('classname') !== -1) {

The .indexOf function returns -1 if the needle is not found in the haystack.

Now re-reading your question, why not just give your h1's id's ?

DOM traversal is one of javascript's glaring issues (enter jQuery).

a simple getElementById() would save you a headache, and ids on all your h1's would be much cleaner in the end than trying to formulate an algorithm to select them by other means.

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