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Spring: help on messy project

I'm in trouble with people which doesn't know anything but Spring Integration.
They do super messy project (13 config files) just to elaborate a webservice call.

My question is: since I'm in Eclipse, and I don't want STS (another heavy IDE just for that task), is there a way to retrieve a sort of diagram from the project?

Something to help me keep track of what's going on.
At the 3rd layer of bean xml import I'm just screwed up.


Answer Source

If you want to untangle a messy abuse of Spring Integration, the best tool for that job is indeed STS. I'm not a big fan of STS all the time, but for some things it is the best tool.

Note, however, that you can install STS components into your existing Eclipse - no need for a "separate IDE." See the STS installation instructions (scroll down to the section with the Update Sites). If you prefer, you can also install STS from Eclipse Marketplace (under the Eclipse Help menu).

By the way, your sweeping criticism of Spring in general is very misguided. Like any general-purpose framework, it can be used well or misused. Furthermore, Spring Integration is a somwehat controversial component of Spring, in large part because it lends itself too easily to the kind of mis-use you are seeing. In most usages of Spring Integration I've seen, it was totally unncessary and overly complex. That doesn't mean Spring itself isn't valuable.

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